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Outdoor Landscape Lighting and Effects

Make your home glow with a beautiful ambience and get customized installations from Landscape Lighting Designers Plus. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting and effects that will give your home a uniquely magnificent appearance. We utilize our artistic expertise to design your landscape lighting in a manner that is perfectly suited to your yard and personal preferences.



Comprehensive Options for Outdoor Effects
In addition to our lighting services, we also have a variety of systems and effects for your backyard or patio. Some of our installations include mosquito repellant, surveillance, and high-quality stereo systems, that are all customized for your home's layout.

Browse the testimonials of previous customers who were excited about the results of their outdoor lighting and effects. Furthermore, we accept cash and checks for all the services we offer and we also have financing options available.



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       "The Lighing by Craig Collins and the Landscape Lighting Designers Plus Team has given our home great ambience." - Chris Matthews, Hard Ball MSNBC